Welcome to the Catalyst Image Solutions blog!

A big hello hello to our most venerable clients, suppliers, colleagues, and the rest too.

The Catalyst Image Solutions blog is finally ready to champion the heart and spirit of this graphic design and print business.¬†We’ve been in the graphic design & print industry for almost 30 years (if you can quite believe it). Evolving with the times. Delivering solid, dependable work. Constantly building new client relationships that keep us moving forward.

To kickstart this blog, we thought we would share some of our favourite sayings from the inner enclave of the Catalyst family. You’ll hear these slogans ringing out at our regular BNI meetings – the poems and limericks we’ve penned over the years always seem to go down pretty well with our networking groups….

“Design & print that won’t make you skint!”

Our years in the industry have shown us the importance of always giving our clients the best possible value, helping business owners of all budgets to have marketing materials designed and printed to get their enterprise off the ground.

“We design to get you a reaction”