Catalyst Design – from printing, to rhyme!

I’m Mitch, the man for YOUR brochure

I’ll make sure its pucker and Kosher

In next to no time

I’ll produce a design

for a logo, newsletter or poster.

We’ve been in this game a long time –

it’s our way of earning a dime.

For your business card

we’ll work bleedin’ hard

and we’ll pitch to you EVEN in rhyme!

Let us give you a very big hint,

professional design and print

makes your business stand out

gives your message more clout

and hopefully makes YOU a mint.

If your sales are a bit of a bitch

Then it’s high time you utilised Mitch

If you’re looking for buyers

then churn out some flyers –

a sure way to make you grow rich.

Your ONE STOP from artwork to press

we’ll make all your punters say YES

It’s really that simple

like popping a pimple….

except we don’t make any mess!