For businesses large and small, we provide affordable social media management solutions for all, and can help you to reach out to a wider audience.

We have a great deal of experience working with a range of different businesses: from your homegrown self-employed company of one, to various international corporations operating in a variety of different sectors (housing, cosmetic surgery, IT, home furnishings, food, fashion to name a few).  We have the skills and experience required to create unique and engaging social media content designed to appeal to new and existing customers, whatever field you work in!

As part of our Comprehensive Social Media Package, we will post daily to your Business Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts from our very own Social Media Scheduling System.  Our comprehensive package includes up to 2 Facebook posts, 3-5 Tweets and 1 LinkedIn update for 7 days a week, or for as many as required!  We will also create specialised brand images for Facebook and Twitter, ensuring that your social media presence is visually engaging.

When you sign up for this package, you will be given access to our innovative Social Media Management Platform.  This will give you the opportunity to review social media posts prior to them being sent out, as well as to schedule your own content.  The platform also features extremely useful social media statistics so you can make sure your audience is engaged with the content you are putting out there.

If you want a consistent and engaging social media presence, but you don’t have the time to develop your own content, we can do the hard work for you!