Catalyst Image Solutions is now offering custom-printed branded face coverings
– made from 100% recycled or eco-friendly materials.

Choose from three different types of environmentally friendly face masks:

1 – 100% eco-friendly biodegradable wood pulp

2 – 35% reclaimed sea plastic, 45% reclaimed land plastic, 20% natural cotton fibre

3 – 100% reclaimed sea plastic

Sourced locally from an exceptional supplier of reclaimed plastics

Businesses are under huge pressure to reopen whilst maintaining public safety. Often, meeting their environmental goals can get pushed down the priority chain. These face masks are made from reclaimed plastics or biodegradable materials, greatly reducing your environmental impact.

Support your customers to comply with government guidelines – without wasting huge quantities of disposable plastic masks

Custom-printed with your logo or brand – your customers will reuse these masks, reducing waste while supporting your brand.

We are currently supplying these masks to:


Are these masks official PPE?

These face coverings are intended for use to comply with government guidelines in shops, supermarkets, venues and on public transport. They are not official PPE, but they will greatly reduce the transmission of saliva droplets.

Are these masks reusable?

They are fully washable and reusable.

What’s the smallest order quantity?

Minimum order 100 masks.

Delivery times?

Approximately 3 weeks.